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Chilled Water Treatment Program

Chemical Treatment Program and consumption:

Passivation Step:

The passivation to the metalsurface is a must since it becomes very active to oxidation by dissolved oxigen in water. henceto prepare the system for treatment it is required to passivate the piping system using effective product. Our recommend using corrosion Scale inhibitor like Alkadose 209 which is highly concentated and effective for passivation process. it will be circulated in the system for copmlete 48 hours to ensure good passivation. Alkadose 209 is a synergistic blend of corrosion inhibitor, aromatic azoles, alkalinity builders and nitrate for complete treatment of colsed water system  From this step synergised low nitrate formulation will provide very effective mulitmetal corrosion protection. Prevents scale and sludge and ensure heat transfer and reduces maintainance and operating costs.


Treatment step:

At this step the system allowed filling completely and the inhibitor Alkadose 209 and biocide alkadose 303 added immediately. This biocide for NRB ( Nitrate Reducing Bacteria) and microbiological product designed specifically for control algea, fungi and bacteri in industrial cooling water systems.

Algea, fungi and bacteria are the three ower forms of life which through excessive growth and development, cause microbial fouling in cooling water systems. These cause a number of problems such as plugging of pipework, reduced heat transfer, corrosion and deterioration of materials of construction. This biocide is particularly useful in removing biological slimes and can therefore be used to clean up badly fouled systems.

The scale inhibitor concentration should be checked and if necessary the biocide topped up in proportion to obtain the correct concentration. 

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  1. Ahmed ibrahim says:

    dear all
    greetings, i look for alkadose doses (liter) per water tank (liter)? for example my chillers watr tank capacity is 20 liters what i have to add liters from alkadose solution ? alkadose (liter)/water liter ?

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