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Home Reverse Osmosis System.

Home Reverse osmosis water treatment system with 5 stage water filtration has been designed for producing ultra pure water for Residential and low consumption requirements.

The Water Filter System is efficiently designed to treat all individual pollutants such as sediments, taste, odor, color, organic chemicals and salts etc.

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Home RO

Operation features:

First stage in RO Water Treatment system:

Sediment Cartridge pre filters the sediment, dust and coarse materials thus it protects the Reverse osmosis  membrane from clogging for long operating life

Second stage in Home RO Water Treatment System:

Granular activated carbon cartridge absorbs bad taste and odour of chlorine, organic chemicals.

Third stage in Home RO Water Treatment system:

Carbon block cartridge polishes the water, removes organic chemicals, removes salts up to 5 micron level and protects the Reverse Osmosis membrane

Fourth stage in Home RO Water Treatment system:

Reverse osmosis membrane it separates the feed water directly in to pure water and brine water using the latest RO membrane technology and thus it rejects most of the dissolved and particulate materials including some bacteria and viruses.

Fifth stage in RO Water Treatment system

A fine granulated activated post carbon filter for polishing the final water and to improve the colour of the product water and to give a good taste.

Home Water Filter Automatic functioning:

The built-in low pressure switch helps ideally to protect the booster pump for low water feed pressure and the high pressure switch helps to turn off the plant functioning in case of full level in the water tank. All accessories of Home RO Water Filter are made of food grade certified by NSF, WQA. This Water filter is maintenance cheap and best quality of water we can product and utilize for Residence purpose of water.

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