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RO Water Treatment Plant

Reverse Osmosis Plant Simple Process

Reverse Osmosis water treament Process

RO water treatment Plant Process

Reverse osmosis RO water treatment plant process is that allows the removal of unwanted particles (salts) from a solution. Reverse Osmosis water treatment plant  is also used to treatment of water like removal of  hardness, microorganism, salts and impurities in order to improve the color, odour, taste or properties of the fluid.

“Cross flow” is the advanced Reverse Osmosis RO water treatments Technology that allows a partially semi permeable Reverse osmosis RO membrane to clean itself continually. As some of the fluid passes through the membrane, the rest continues downstream, sweeping the rejected species away from it. Reverse Osmosis water treatment  plant process requires a HPP (high pressure pump) to push the fluid through the membrane like high pressure and large driving force. For Brackish water approximately 10 to 20 bar applying as a osmotic pressure in solution to separate salt water as rejection and good water as product.

As concentration of the salts (fluid) being rejected increases, so does the driving osmotic force. Reverse Osmosis water treatment system is used to reject, sugar, bacteria, salts, proteins, particles, dyes, and other constituents. Separation of ions with reverse osmosis water treatment filtration is aided by charged particles. This means that dissolved ions that carry a charge, such as salts, are more likely to be rejected by the membrane . The larger the charge and the particle, the more likely it will be rejected.


Water Treatment Plant Designs

  • Pre-chlorination : This is made to disinfect the raw water from any infections.
  • First Filtration: By the pressure Sand filters to remove Turbidity and Suspended solids.
  • De-chlorination dosing: To remove the remaining Chlorine after the pressure sand filter.
  • Antiscalent dosing: It is very important to prevent Calcium Sulfate from scaling.
  • Acid dosing: It is very important to prevent calcium carbonate from scaling by Sulfuric acid 98%.
  • Second filtration: It is by the cartridge filter (5micron) is important to remove any particles exceed 5 micron size.
  • Feeding water High TDS raw water will pass through the semi permeable membrane under the high pressure, after boosting with high pressure (Osmotic Pressure ) approx 12 – 16 bar the membrane output water will treated and reduce to the required TDS .
  • Adjusting PH value by Sodium hydroxide 49%
  • Post chlorination dosing for disinfection by Sodium hydrochloride 12%

Reverse Osmosis

water treatment plant

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