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Water and waste water Treatment Guide

Naturally water having some extra contamination of salts, Hardness, Taste and Odor. These four are the main common case , it should be control all in required level for safe drinking purposes.
Some main filtration process tips ( methods )  are below..

  • Taste  – Activated Carbon filters
  • Hardness – Softener ( Ion exchange process )
  • Odor, some heavy metals, Organic chemicals – Distillation, Evaporation
  • Heavy metals, inorganic minerals, salts pesticides and taste –  Reverse Osmosis, Electrolysis, De ionization
  • Dirt, Sediment, loose scale, insoluble maters – Mechanical filters.
  • Bacteria and micro organism – Disinfection , Radiation, Ultra-violet, and Ozonation

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