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Advantages and disadvantages of Swabbing

The advantages of swabbing of pipeline are :

  •  The technique is simple and cheap,
  •  It is free from mechanical gadgets,
  •  It does not require much opening of the trenches, if adequate facilities are provided in the pipeline for insertion  and exit of swab,
  •  Regular swabbing once in a year keeps the inside of the pipeline clean, and 
  •  Regular and systematic swabbing keeps the C- value higher to maintain desired pressure at all points in the system.

The disadvantage of the swabbing is that

  • It cannot remove the hard incrustations , which can be avoided by regular swabbing of the pipeline from the time of installation.
  •  The removal of hardened deposits may require cutting of pipe. Incrustation inside the C.I. pipe removing it.

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