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Water Boon

Water Boon

 Water owes most of its properties to a very strong mutual bonding ( attraction) among its molecules. This strength is called hydrogen bonding. Because of it, water is normally in the liquid state, not a solid or ice. it expands while freezing and that is why ice always flots on water.
Water universal solvency and the highest heat capacity are very important.

Water boon are responsible for the earth’s liveable climate and the exixtence of life on its surface.

  • Water is a compound composed of hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio 2:1. It’s formula is H2o.
  • Water is a colorless,odorless and tasteless liquid neither acetic not alkaline
  • Water is indifferent to litmus paper solution.
  • Water has the highest heat capacity as it freezes at 0 degree and boils at 100 degree.
  • Water is a bad conductor of electricity but a good solvent.

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