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Welcome to  The Water Treatments.com

We are a group of  highly experienced professionals in all types of the Water Treatments. Our concern CEO is  Eng. Ahmed Bahrudeen , working in  Water Water treatment engineerTreatment Plant  In-charge of the Biggest University in the Middle  East. He has wealth of  20 years experience in Water Treatment field of Design, Planning,  Installation, Critical Trouble Shooting,  Operation and Maintenance,  of various capacity of Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants ( Sewage Water Treatment ) , Boiler Water Treatment Plants, Chiller Water Treatment Plants,  Swimming Pool Water Treatments, Industrial Water Treatment and Home Water Treatment Plants.

Earnest attempts were  made by him in the past couple of years to collect exhaustive information by personal experience. The information and its data’s have been in corporated in the appropriate pages.

This website has been designed in corporating all the essential elements needed  for a Water Treatment Engineer. It is in simple language so that the students can also follow easily. Extensive data,example problems, easily understandable diagrams are the strength of this page.

We have the opinion that both the students and practicing engineers will find it very useful. Hence, this site can be used as a general guide and not the sole source of information for adopting in the planning and design of water Treatment Projects.

We  have started this website with our team to provide Resources related to Water Treatment and its related technologies from Basic level to Research level with our Team and also to provide Free Technical and Consulting Support to all.

If you have any suggestion for improving this site please send valuable information. We appreciate your response as feed back  and it will be incorporated in the subsequent posts in future.

If you need any kind of Free Technical Support Contact Us.

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