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Sewage Treatment Plant

Treatment Scheme

In the treatment system sewage water enters through Bar screens where floating matters are removed. The sewage water is then pumped to extended aeration system where the organic matters is aerobically oxidised. The effluent is then taken to a settling tank where bio-mass is seperated out in the form of settled sludge and is returned back to the system. The excess sludge from the settling tank is taken to the sludge drying beds for drying and disposal. The treated effluent is collected in sump after the addition of bleaching powder solution through a doser and then treated sewage is pumped to overhead tank for horticulatural purposes.

Treatment Plant Units

Civil Units:
  1. Screen Chamber
  2. Sump cum Pump house
  3. Aeration Tank
  4. Settling Tank
  5. Treated effluent collection sump
  6. Raw effluent collection sump
  7. Sludge Srying Beds

Mechnical Equipments:

  1. Raw Sewage Pump
  2. Bar Screen
  3. Surface Serators for aeration tank
  4. Return sludge pump
  5. Serator at teated sewage pump
  6. Treated Sewage pump

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  1. P.Anand says:

    Can lime be added in aeration tank of sewage treatment plant ?
    Does carbonates from lime effect STP operaation ?
    Can defoamer be used in STP aeration tank ? How does addition of FAB media in sewage aeration tank increase the capacity ?

  2. Septic Tank says:

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  3. Alfred Renehelo Mokoena says:

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    I am looking for Boi Blitz Chemical Sewage Plant 200 litre’s price can some one give me a call or e-mail me ASAP…!!!

  4. Girish Gupta says:

    What is the optimum Solid Settling Velocity in Sewerage Treatment Plants.

  5. Greta James says:

    Thank you for informing me on how they remove biomass from water. I was interested in how companies recycle water as it is a limited resource that is critical to human survival. I was also curious about how oils are removed from the water as they do not mix, yet they are both liquids. I have no idea I was just curious. It seems that wastewater plants would need to find ways to separate the two.

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