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  • The process of corrosion is slow and occurs only at surfaces of metals, but the losses incurred due to corrosion are enormous waste or destruction of mechanical, equipments and different type of metallic products.
  • In general, the life of the equipment/plant/bridge, etc., is very much reduced due to corrosion.
  • It has been roughly assessed that the amount of iron wasted due to corrosion is 1/4th of world production It is very difficult to assess exactly the loss incurred due to corrosion. Losses occurring due to corrosion cannot be measured in terms of the cost of metals alone, but the high cost of its fabrication into the equipment/machine tool/ structures, should also be considered. The severity of the problem may be made clear by the approximate estimate of loss of metals due to corrosion as 2 to 25 billion dollars per Annam all over the world. This loss varies from country to country, depending upon climatic condition prevailing. In India, due to its tropical climate. Obviously, the engineer must understand the mechanism of corrosion, if its effects are to be minimized •
  • Moreover, he will then be better able to avoid severely corrosion conditions and provide simultaneously protection against corrosion.

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