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Advantages of Trickling filtration plant

  • Simple and reliable process that is suitable in areas where large tracts of land are not available for a WSP treatment system
  • Effective in treating high concentrations of organic material depending on the type of media used;
  • Very efficient in removal of ammonia from wastewater;
  • Appropriate for small- to medium-sized communities

With the introduction of plastic filter media to replace the rock media, speed control, and more reliable rotary distributor mechanisms, the performance of trickling filters has been greatly enhanced.

  • Ability to handle and recover from shock loads
  • Relatively low power requirements; They require power for    pumping only and do not need large power-hungry aeration blowers. From motor-driven rotary distributors are powered by fractional horsepower electric motors.
  • They produce less sludge than suspended-growth systems. The sludge tends to settle well because it is compact and heavy.
  • Level of skill and technical expertise needed to manage and operate the system is moderate
  • The cost to operate a trickling filter is very low.

Disadvantages of Trickling filtration plant

  • Additional treatment may be needed for the effluent to meet strict discharge standards;
  • generates sludge that must be treated and disposed of;
  • Regular operators attention is needed;
  • Relatively high incidence of clogging;
  • Relatively low loadings required depending on the media;
  • Limited flexibility and control in comparison with activated sludge processes. They require high maintenance costs of rotary distributor center mechanisms. Any maintenance service for the rotary distribution mechanism would require a crane and complete removal of the rotary distributor mechanism, guy rods, and arms.
  • Potential for vector and odor problems


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