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Carbon Filter

Usage Of Carbon Filter.

Activated Carbon Filter mainly use to remove Chlorine, unwanted smell, odour, biological demand, dust and dirt in the feed of Reverse Osmosis Plant, Deionized Water Treatment Plant.

Excess Chlorine will effect with RO Membrane Thats why we need Pre treatment to remove chlorine in the feed of RO.

Chlorine can spoil Anion and cation resin in the Deionized watert treatments systems.Better to avoid to resin exhaust we need to pre treatment in the DE plant.

Multimedia Filter

Multimedia Filter

2 Responses to “Carbon Filter”

  1. Claris Lukan says:

    very good information, i certainly love for your system designs, carry on it

  2. Greena says:

    I have unpleasant odor in domestic water after your kind information we planted to put separate carbon filter after service tank then we solved smell problems,Thanks…

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