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Oper & Main of Pumps and Plumbing station

Operation and Maintenance of Pumps and Pumping Stations

The preventive maintenance procedures related to pumps and pumping stations are listed below:

i. Inspect pump station daily to

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Determine pump condition, discharge head, motor and bearing temperature, and unusual noise,

  • Check valve positions,
  • Check switchgear selector switch positions,
  • Note any pumps that are out of service or in need of maintenance, and
  • Ensure inside and outside of pump station are neat and clean.

ll. Inspect pumps annually to determine the following:

  • Impeller wear,
  • Wear ring clearance,
  • Bearing condition, and
  • Seal condition.

iii  Maintain logs of each pump, noting details of operation, performance and the preventive maintenance performed.

iv  Maintain a record of pumping head versus flow rates.

v Maintain the history registers of pumping units incorporating the details of major repairs and replacement carried out, including the cost, the name, address and contact numbers of the agency carried out the maintenance works, etc.

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