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What is Water Treatment

Water treatment is nothing but the purifying process or treament of water from the natural sourse of well water, brackish water and  Sea water to get acceptable range of drinking water, industrial purpose of water, irrigation water, medical purpose of water and all types of domestic purpose of water to our required end use. thats why these type of question arise as what is watertreatment
From the water treatments product,  purified and good quality water can use for drinking purpose, Agricultural purpose, industrial purposes, medical purpose and other uses.
The aim of water treatments purifying process is to filter more contaminant of the water or control concentration of contaminants and water becomes suitable for acceptable range for end-use.

Industrial Water Treatments System and Residential Water Treatments System.

Industrial  Reverse osmosis Water Treatments plant

Residential Reverse osmosis Water Treatments Plant


Water Treatments Home RO

Type of  Some Water treatment

Mechanical Process of Water Treatment

  • Water Treatment Settling
  • Water Treatment Filtration

Chemical Process of Water Treatment

  • Disinfection Water treatments
  • Coagulation Water treatments
  • Desalination water treatments
  • Reverse Osmosis Water treatments

Biological process of Water Treatment

  • Aerated lagoons,
  • Activated sludge process
  • Slow sand filter

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