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Developement of Ground Water Sources

Discription of  Wells

 Wells are the devices required for abstracting water from the groundwater sources. In groundwater development, the choice of well type, method of execution, the proper spacing of wells and probable yield are all issues / problems, whose solutions are more or less dependent on geologic conditions.

Types Of Well

Wells are classified as shallow wells and deep wells according to the aquifer from which the water is tapped. Wells constructed for tapping water from unconfined aquifers are known as shallow wells and wells drilled by penetrating at least one confining layer for tapping water from confined aquifers are known as deep wells.

Shallow wells are further classified according to the method of construction as follows:

  1. Dug wells
  2. Infiltration wells or sunk wells
  3. Driven wells
  4. Infiltration galleries, and
  5. Collector wells

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