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Water Treatment for Industry

 Water Treatments in Industry

The quality and quantity of available of water treatment product water are important in the location of a chemical plants. Both, surface and ground water should be considered. Supply of water must be adequate throughout the year and this supply should not disturb the municipal water supply of the area.

Over half the year water treatment product water used in chemical plants is for cooling. The composition for cooling water is of no great importance its function is to carry away heat by warming or by evaporation.

A considerable volume of water treatment system product water is used in chemical plants for solution and dilution. Reasonably pure water from water treatment plant is necessary for the purpose.

The most important factors deciding the location of a chemical industry are raw materials, power, water and transport. But as regards water Treatment every industry has its own special requirements of Water and sometimes that which is suitable for one is fatal to another. Water Treatment is therefore necessary to bear in mind the uses to which a given water for Industry will be put and its suitability based on the results of chemical analysis and sometimes decided by bacteriological examination.

The principal requisites of Treatment of water for certain important Chemical Industries are mentioned below.

  1. Boiler Feed Water Treatment – should be as soft as possible and should not contain or corrosion of the boiler plates.
  2. Water Treatment for spirit distilleries should be pure and coll and should contain few micro organisms and a little sodium chloride and magnesium chloride.
  3. Water Treatments for paper mill the presence of iron is injurious and any excess lime and magnesia decomposes the resin soaps
  4. Water Treatments for sugar factories if water rich in sulphate and alkaline carbonates and especially in nitrates is used, crystallization becomes more difficult, molasses are more abundantly obtained and the sugar becomes deliquescent on exposure. Water rich in micro organisms partially decomposes the sugar.
  5. Water Treatmentfor breweries must contain lesser quantities of lime and magnesia
  6. Water Treatments for dyeing should be limpid, free from iron and should be little hardness.
  7. Water Treatment for cooking should contain little hardness, otherwise the vegetables do not cook easily.
  8. Water Treatment for laundries must be soft.

Besides the special requirement of watertreatments as regards the quality of water of every chemical industry, there is the problem of water to be used for drinking purpose. There should be arrangements in every establishment for the re-use of as much as possible of the used and discarded water. Even if there may be some initial expenditures on this account shortage of water almost everywhere.

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